Connecting IBC to Avalanche

Seamless. Secure. Interoperability.


Bringing the Familiar to the Revolutionary.

The Interchain.
On Avalanche.


Built for Avalanche, the CosmosSDK reimagined for interoperability.

IBC Protocol

The most secure interoperability protocol for interchain communication.


Tendermint modules rebuilt with Avalanche Snowman Consensus.


Client-side JS solutions for Cosmos apps to deploy natively to Avalanche.


Cosmos smart contracts for Avalanche interoperability.

Capital Partners


IBC Everywhere

Leveraging Avalanche security for the Interchain

Landslide broadens restaking and liquid staking solutions to external chain assets by making them available in customizable rollups purpose-built for these activities and asset types.


ETH, SOL, BTC, DOT: once assets are sent to Landslide via IBC, they can be utilized by subnets, rollups, and custom VMs specifically optimized for features like staking derivatives and restaking.


Landslide natively supports IBC connectivity, enabling seamless interoperability between Celestia execution modules and Avalanche subnets. This allows chains deployed on Landslide to leverage liquidity and assets from ecosystems like Cosmos and Polkadot.


IBC is the most secure interoperability layer, processing $40B and losing $0.


With CosmosAVAX SDK, CosmWasm VM can be run natively on Avalanche subnets.

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"I always loved this idea! Combining IBC with Warp messaging... I would love to see that happen! Why don't we do it?"
Dr. Emin Gün Sirer Headshot

Dr. Emin Gün Sirer

Founder and CEO, Ava Labs

"They're building a Tendermint as a subnet and bringing the CosmWasm VM. My take is C-Chain is cool, but CosmWasm is the best."

Sunny Aggarwal

Co-founder, Osmosis


Environmentally Friendly

Technology that isn’t sustainable has no claim on the future.

"In a not too distant future, we could see every Cosmos zone on an Avalanche subnet. Thanks to protocols like Composable and Landslide we could be seeing a cross chain IBC world. An true Interchain future is not far from becoming a reality."

Emperor Osmo

Marketing & Community, Osmosis

"IBC is coming to Avalanche. Landslide, a subnet on Avalanche, is building a light client for Snowman - the implementation of the Avalanche consensus algorithm. Connecting Cosmos and Avalanche ecosystems through IBC."

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