Landslide TextAVAX Subnet

Launching Q1 2023.

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The First CosmWasm subnet on AVAX.

Surfs up in Q1 2023.


  • Decrease the finality of transactions on Tendermint from 7-22 seconds to under 1 second.
  • Native IBC integration inside of Avalanche ecosytem (not between AVAX subnets).
  • Fork/port existing Cosmos and Terra dApps to the subnet.
  • 99% compatible out-of-the-box with native Cosmos-based SDK.
  • Create a closer collaboration between the three ecosystems of Avalanche, Terra, and Cosmos.
  • Airdrop tokens to the most amount users on Avalanche, Terra, and Cosmos.


The large scale adoption of Tendermint is entirely dependent on Tendermint consensus. While rollups do present a potential solution to TPS, they present centralized security risks. With a Tendermint module and Avalanche consensus, now the Cosmos and Terra ecosystems will be able to build entire realm of metaverse, gaming, and trading applications that were formerly impossible to scale.

Network Characteristics

  • Accessible via the Terra Station, Keplr, and Core AVAX wallets (coming in 2023).
  • Integrate the Cosmos IBC via Tendermint/Avalanche SDK.
  • Offers an Avalanche-Cosmos SDK merging the Cosmos SDK with the Avalanche SDK.
  • Network token will implement the native $AVAX burning mechanism.
  • Requires Landslide Validators to be validators on AVAX mainnet.

Build CosmWasm dApps without Limits

Landslide is CosmWasm-compatible. Your favorite tools like Keplr, Terra Station, and IBC all work out of the box.

Faster Finality on Cosmos

Decrease the finality of transactions on Tendermint from 7-22 seconds to under 1 second.

Easily transfer existing Cosmos assets

Enables easy transfers of Cosmos and Terra assets between blockchains via IBC.

What people say about Landslide

Landslide was featured on All Access by Ava Labs CEO, Emin Gün Sirer.